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Developer Information
Developer Information

OCR Web Service method

  • OCRWebServiceRecognize
Performs OCR on an image and returns the resulting document or recognized text.

For a formal definition, please review the
Service Description

Sample code available here :

Download sample Download sample Download sample

C# syntax

   public OCRWSResponse OCRWebServiceRecognize (
           string user_name,
           string license_code,
           OCRWSInputImage input_image, 
           OCRWSSettings ocr_settings)

Parameter Type Description
 user_name string Specifies the user name
 license_code string Specifies the license code
 input_image OCRWSInputImage Specifies the input image class
 ocr_settings OCRWSSettings Specifies the OCR settings class

Parameter Type Description
 fileName string  Name of the file to upload
 fileData byte []                         Data to upload.

Parameter Type Description
ocrLanguages Language[] Specifies the recognition languages
outDocumentFormat OutputFormat[] Specifies the output file format
convertToBW bool Convert image to Black and White (recommend for color image and photo)
getOCRText bool If it is TRUE the OCRed text will be returned.
createOutDocument bool If it is TRUE the output document will be created
ocrZones OCRZone[] Specifies text blocks for zonal ocr
multiPageDoc bool If it is TRUE the multipage document will be recognized.
pageNumbers string Enter page numbers and/or page ranges separated by commas. For example "1,3,5-12",
"all pages" - all pages will be recognized.

Return Value

Parameter Type Description
ocrText string [] Contains the recognized text
fileName string Contains tha output document name
fileData byte [] Contains the output document
errorMessage string Error message if an error occurred.



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